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This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
  • Locations: Athens, Greece
  • Program Terms: Summer
  • Homepage: Click to visit
  • Please follow the application instructions in the brochure below.
Dates / Deadlines:

There are currently no active application cycles for this program.
Program Description:

Greece Course Booklet
Click on Part 1 and Part 2 to access the course booklet for this program. 

Part 1

Part 2


Notice: Community members interested in the Ancient Legacies Greece program should register directly through the sponsoring travel agency. College students who plan to register for academic credit should apply here first using the Apply Now button above.



This program is an interdisciplinary, team-taught project that offers hands-on experience in an effort to understand more deeply both other cultures and our own.  Faculty from many disciplines join together and propose activities designed to illuminate early chapters in our western heritage.  Our seminars are not merely lectures and tours; instead, they encourage participation in diverse activities such as model-making reconstructions of ancient buildings to introduce ancient architectural achievement, recreating ancient debates in the law courts in order to think about ancient institutions of justice, crafting and painting our own terracotta vessels in the black figure and red figure techniques, running an Olympic foot-race in an ancient stadium, dramatically reenacting selections from Plato in their historical settings to invigorate our grasp of philosophical discourse, the construction of sundials as part of an introduction to ancient astronomy, lively recitations of ancient myths at archaeological sites, and performing classical Greek plays in ancient theaters with costumes and masks we make ourselves.


Athens, Delphi, Island of Samos, west coast of Turkey, Island of Kos
Extension includes Crete and Santorini


Program Highlights

The theme Ancient Legacies: Intellectual Adventures in Greece invites seminar members to explore Greek inventions of institutions fundamental to our western civilization: democracy and the jury system, philosophy and science, historical writing, public literacy, naturalistic sculpture, the Olympic games, and the theater.  How did such institutions emerge from a world multi-faceted question, first, we shall investigate important sites and artifacts, written accounts, and painted presentations in order to provide seminar members with ancient evidence.  Secondly, we shall engage in reflection, discussion, lectures, and hands-on activities in order to discover how rational explanations of the world burst upon the cultural scene of the ancient Greeks.  Do the ancient Greeks still have something to offer us as we try to understand the world and our place in it?


3 JUNE: Morning arrival in Athens. Free day until late afternoon visit to the new Acropolis Museum. Orientation meeting, 7pm. Dinner and O/N Athens.

4 JUNE: Morning visits to the Acropolis in Athens, the Areopagus, and the Agora and Museum. We tell Aeschylus’ Oresteia and the origins of the jury system. Evening roundtable. O/N Athens.

5 JUNE: Morning departure for National Museum in Athens, followed by coach to Delphi, and a visit at the Delphi Museum. Evening presentation of the story of Homer’s Iliad. O/N Delphi.

6 JUN: Morning visit to the Delphi Archaeological site. We discuss the origins of the Olympic games and run our own Olympic footrace in the ancient stadium! At lunch, we have a “radio-play” version of Eurpides’ Trojan Women. Return to Athens airport for an afternoon flight to the island of Samos. O/N Samos.

7 JUN: Morning visit to the great temple of Hera archaeological site, we discuss the conflicting myths about Hera, recreate a festival processional, and consider the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of animal sacrifice at the great altar, later we discuss Pythagoras and the famous theorem. Visit to Samos Museum in Vathi where the finds from the Heraion are stored, and then visit the pottery work-shop in Koummaradei. We try our hands at making hydrodynamic pottery and votives. O/N Samos.

8 JUN: Visit to the TUNNEL of Eupalinos. Lecture and discussion on the “Theorem of Pythagoras.” O/N Samos.

9 JUN: Morning exercise making a seasonal sundial. Early afternoon visit to Vathi archeological museum. Afternoon boat to Turkey (Kusadasi). O/N Turkey.

10 JUN: Morning visits to the temple of Artemis at Ephesos, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, followed by an exploration of ancient Ephesos, arguably the best preserved city we visit, and then go the Selchek Museum. O/N Turkey.

11 JUN: Morning visit to the ancient hospital of Hippocrates, the Asklepion archaeological site where we review the origins of empirical medicine and discuss ancient health care. We return to the hotel for play rehearsal. O/N Kos.

12 JUN: Transfer to Bodrum, ancient Hallicarnassos for day trip on a yacht. We read some Homer, discuss some Aristotle, and swim and relax on the wine-dark sea! Afternoon boat to the Greek island of Kos. O/N Kos.

13 JUN: Morning visit to the ancient hospital of Hippocrates, the Asklepion archaeological site where we review the origins of empirical medicine and discuss ancient health care. We return to the hotel for play rehearsal. O/N Kos.

14 JUNE: Play rehearsal and costume and mask making. Late afternoon play performance in the ancient theater on Kos. Seminar conclusions. O/N Kos.

15 JUNE: Morning plane to Athens. Arrival before 9am.



PHIL 490 - Special Problems; 3-8 Credits
Credit can be earned in a variety of subjects: Philosophy, Classics, Archeology, Anthropology, English, History, some sciences, and Core Curriculum.



Undergraduate and graduate students, 2.5 GPA or permission of instructor. Community members should contact Dr, Hahn for details.

Faculty & Contact Information

Dr. Robert Hahn, Professor of Philosophy, created and has led the Ancient Legacies programs for over 25 years.

Robert Hahn


Number of Participants

There are normally 10-20 per each program.

Program Charge

$3680 + round trip flight from USA for students enrolled for three  SIU credits.
(We currently have arranged a group flight tickets from St.Louis to Athens for $1,521/person on Delta Airlines, but the flight tickets must be purchased in full by February 15th, 2019 to secure your seat.)

$3,580 for anyone not registered for three SIU academic credits
(We currently have arranged a group flight tickets from St.Louis to Athens for $1,521/person on Delta Airlines, but the flight tickets must be purchased in full by February 15th, 2019 to secure your seat.)

Single room supplement: $590

Cost includes:

  • Double occupancy hotel

    • A single room is available for an additional charge.

  • Two plane flights in Greece

    • Athens to the Greek Island of Samos and From the Greek Island of Kos back to Athens

  • 2 boat trips, from the Greek Island of Samos to Kushadasi Turkey and from Bodrum, Turkey to the Greek Island of Kos

  • Day trip on private yacht

  • 2 meals a day

    • Always breakfast and almost always dinner

  • All entrance tickets to archaeological sites and museums

  • All transfers from hotel to archaeological sites, museums, ports and airports

  • All project materials for making sundials and for costumes and masks for our play performance

Extension includes: double occupancy hotel, two plane flights in Greece (Athens to Crete and Santorini to Athens), plus hydrofoil from Crete to Santorini, 2 meals a day, all entrance tickets, all transfers.  All licensed guiding, and course materials.  Does not include round-trip to Athens.

Other Costs-What is not Included

  • Round trip airfare to the program site

  • SIU tuition  (Students may enroll for 3-6 credits in a variety of departments, including core credit and university honors credit. Please contact the program director to find out course enrollment options).

  • Some meals, beverages and other incidentals.

  • Personal Spending

  • Please see the Ancient Legacies web site for further details specific to each program.

  • Miscellaneous costs and souvenirs.

  • Tipping is not included for hotel staff, bus drivers, boat and yacht crews, nor are beverages at dinner (we will collect a modest amount for tipping at the beginning of the program;last year it was 89 euros per person for 14 days).

Payment Plan

Installment 1 - $500 Non-refundable deposit is due with application by February 15, 2019
Installment 2 - Balance of Program Charge Due March 15, 2019

Installments must be made by check or money order made payable to SIUC at the Study Abroad Office located in Woody Hall.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available for SIU Carbondale students and requires full-time registration and other conditions.  You should consult with the Financial Aid Office to get an estimate of what you might have available.  Programs that take place after the end of the Fall Semester/commencement are considered as Spring Semester Programs.  Programs that take place after the end of the Spring Semester/commencement are considered Fall Semester Programs.

Study abroad has scholarships that are available for SIU undergraduate students.  You can apply for those here “Salukis Abroad Scholarship”.



Participants are housed in hotels throughout the program. Participants in the Egypt program will also be on a Nile cruise boat for part of the program. Please see the program web site for more details.

Application Deadline & Procedure

March 1, 2019.  Note:  We cannot guarantee that there will still be spaces available at this date.  Early application is advised.

There is a $150, non-refundable application charge due upon applying for this program and is included in the total program cost.  The application charge will need to be paid by check or money order at the Study Abroad Office in Woody Hall once you have submitted your application online.

To apply, click on “Apply Now” at the top or bottom of the program description and log in using your SIU network ID. 

Cancellation Policy

The following cancellation policies apply to all programs with the exceptions noted:

Once paid, the $500 deposit is non-refundable
90+ Days before departure - $50 application charge plus any non-refundable charges
60+ Days before departure - $100 plus any non-refundable charges
30+ Days before departure - $150 plus any non-refundable charges
Up to day of departure - $200 plus any non-refundable charges
After departure – No Refunds

Specific programs may have a different cancellation timetable which overrides the standard policy.

Programs, whether SIU Global Seminars or affiliated study abroad providers, may require an additional non-refundable payment. That should be listed in their program information and is considered as part of the non-refundable charges. Other non-refundable items include (but are not restricted to) such items as airline tickets, hotel deposits and similar items. Generally speaking, we can only refund what we can recover. All program rate are subject to change based on unavoidable cost changes.


Withdrawal Policy

Please contact Study Abroad Programs immediately if you are unable to participate in the program. It is the applicant’s responsibility to notify Study Abroad Programs as well as the instructor about withdrawing. This must be done in writing (e-mail is acceptable) as well as logging in to “MyStudyAbroad” and withdrawing yourself under the “Status” tab. You will be considered as a continuing participant until you notify us.  If you need to withdraw, it is in your best interest to withdraw as soon as possible and to verify that we have received your written notice.


Additional Information


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Please follow the application instructions in the brochure below.

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